Written by Pete Morano on August 8, 2013
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Most of us sit at a desk in front of a computer for the majority of the the work day. As a result, we often let our physical and mental health take a back seat, allowing the “I don’t have time” excuse keep us from hitting the gym, taking time to walk around and de-stress, or choose healthier options at lunch instead of fast food.

 This can be especially true for techies (like us) and business owners who often work longer hours than our coworkers and business partners. The good news is that we can harness our tech-savvy abilities to make fitness and health goals, and keep track of our progress — all on our mobile devices.

Here are our 10 favorite (and mostly free!) health-related mobile apps that can help all of us focus on our physical and mental wellness:

1. Workout Trainer.

Workout Trainer for iPhone and Android has thousands of different workout programs with step-by-step photo and audio instructions that can be tailored for weight loss, strength training or  yoga. Workout Trainer is a great app to help beginners and pros get some exercise at home.

 2. RunKeeper.

RunKeeper keeps track of all of your running stats: pace, distance, time and heart rate. You can improve your performance and set goals by viewing a detailed history of your runs. And the best part is that the app will remind you when it’s time to work out, as well as notify you when you hit personal bests or reach certain milestones.

 3. MyFitnessPal.

MyFitnessPal helps you count your diet and your calories with a database of more than 2 million types of food. The app can scan, save, track and calculate the nutritional content of the food you have eaten. MyFitnessPal also summarizes your daily nutritional intake and can track your weight in a motivation report.

 4. Nike Training Club.

Nike Training Club acts as a personal trainer with detailed instructions and audio support for dynamic drills designed to build your strength and cardio endurance. You can also track the details and progress of your training plan with the workout history feature.

 5. Foodily Recipes.

Foodily helps you find and share healthy recipes. You can search by ingredient to help you plan meals around the things you already have in the pantry, and you can get daily recipes by following your favorite chef’s latest recipe additions.

 6. Sleep Cycle.

The Sleep Cycle alarm clock is a smart alarm that analyzes your sleep parterns and wakes you at the lightest sleep phase around the time you want to get up, so that you feel the most rested. The app keeps detailed sleep graphs to help you determine what things you’re doing that are affecting your sleep quality. (This one costs $0.99, but we think it’s worth it!)

 7. Cardiograph.

Cardiograph for iPhone and Android lets you measure your heart rate by scanning the arterial changes on your fingertips. The app can generate the rate of your heart and lets you keep track of measurements over time.

 8. Healthy Diet & Grocery Food Scanner.

The grocery food scanner for iPhone helps you make healthier choices at the store by scanning food label barcodes to see which foods meet your dietary needs. It also can help you avoid certain ingredients that are common in food allergies like lactose or gluten.

 9. iTriage.

iTriage can help you diagnose your own sickness by entering your symptoms and seeing potential health issues. iTriage can help pinpoint the illness early and make it easy to book an appointment with the doctor, and can also help find the nearest hospital during emergencies.

 10. Momentum Messenger.

(Yes, we had to throw it in – because it’s so awesome!) Momentum Messenger for iPhone and Android is a unified communications app that lets you keep in touch with your coworkers with instant messaging, video conferencing and VoIP capabilities from any location. That means that you can tell your friends at work about your fitness program progress and ask them questions when you’re in the middle of making a healthy recipe that they recommended.

Are there any health or fitness apps you love that we didn’t list here? We want to hear about them! Share in the comments section below.

By: Victoria Fields